Online Purchasing User Guide

[awa_headings style=”style2″ title=”Online Purchasing Guide” title_color=”#ffffff”][awa_headings style=”style2″ subtitle=”This is a guide only. Any online inquires, please contact 3P Photography on (08) 9250 6244″ subtitle_color=”#ffffff” title_color=”#333333″]
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Step 1.

Open Website[/awa_info_block]

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Step 2.

Click on Order Photos under Products for Parents


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Step 3.

Enter the Shoot Key: KP4EG5R[/awa_info_block]

[awa_info_block image_id=”16783″ button=”|||”]Photo Pack page – scroll down for more options.[/awa_info_block]
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Step 4.

Select your pack and then click on ‘add to cart’
(If you want to choose more than one this can be done in Step 6)[/awa_info_block]

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Step 5.

Enter the details

School Name: Canning Vale College
Student Full Name: your child’s name
School Year: the year level ie. 7,8,9
Class Room/Mentor Group: this is your child’s Home Room (this is on their timetable)[/awa_info_block]

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Step 6.

Click ‘add to cart’

You can continue to select more options by clicking on the ‘continue shopping’ icon.[/awa_info_block]

[awa_info_block image_id=”16787″ button=”|||”]When you have made you final selection click the ‘cart’ icon and then click on ‘checkout’[/awa_info_block]
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Step 7.

Enter your Billing details
(Please note that all photos will be delivered to Canning Vale College, not to your personal address)[/awa_info_block]

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Step 8.

You can use your credit card details or PayPal for a secure payment.

Remember to tick the ‘I have read and agree to the website terms and conditions’, then click on ‘place order’[/awa_info_block]