Corporate Staff Photos


It’s like Photo Day for adults.

Professional Studio Photography


Planning a photo shoot for busy people and keeping photos up to date can be challenging. We make it easy.

Whether you are an organization with 20 or 2000 employees, we are the best studio for corporate portraits and team photos. Individuals, small organisations and new-hire portraits are done in our Studio in Malaga, WA.

We work to craft on-brand portraits for your staff. No-deadline-appointments means saving you time, effort, and aggravation.

Smaller organisations need great imagery too! Come to our studio and we’ll host your Company Picture Day. Company of three? One? No group too small!

Companies can send their new hires to our studio and we’ll match your existing brand.

This is best for companies with 30+ employees, but every organisation has varying needs — so get in touch and we’ll get to work!