Celebrate your Leavers with an elegantly styled Collegiate Gift Pack. Additionally our team photographs your Graduation Ceremony – providing a Complete Online Download.


The Collegiate Pack, customised to your school, is the perfect way to commemorate your Year 6 and Year 12 Leavers. This pack includes the 3P Graduation Certificate and Booklet.

Unique to 3P Photography is the celebratory Balloon Photo, featured in the Graduation Booklet. Colourful balloons showcase your school brand and frame the graduating class in an exciting way.

Let our photography team take care of your end of year Graduation Ceremony. We cover every angle, from the Arrival and Preparation Photo, Presentation on Stage, and Family celebration after – we capture all the fun and excitement that is the finale of your school life!

3P Photography innovated the “Complete Online Album”, and offers EVERY student EVERY photo, in High Resolution. Edit, Upload or Print at your leisure.  All Albums are approved by your school and uniquely password protected.