We offer excellence in Annual School Photography, School Marketing photos and event photography, as well as Sport Team photos.

With a wide range of services, our team will customise a consistent look for you, to ensure effective representation of your core values and vision.

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Primary School Photography

As WA’s most creative school photography company, 3P are constantly developing innovative new styles and products for Parents and Schools to fall in love with.

Ball & Graduation

Complete Online Download – No more choosing which photos your students want to order. Every student gets every photo in high resolution. Edit, upload or print at your leisure.

Corporate Staff Photos

It’s like Photo Day for adults. We photograph employees and capture the unique essence of your team. We create a library of up-to-date images for all of your digital content, profile pictures and employee directories.

Marketing Photos

Quality commercial photos, styled and taken by our own Commercial Award Winning Photographer, allow you to showcase your school in its best light.

Sport Club Photos

Empowering young players to be their own Sports Hero – Each team and player will be presented in unique and professional Templates.


Our talented designers are committed to high quality and detail. Through our systemised procedures, we work together with our schools to create an elegant Yearbook, like no other.

Leavers Gifts & School Products

Merit Awards, Welcome Packs and Kindy Certificates are just the start. Your Leavers will celebrate with the elegantly styled Graduation Booklet, the personal Certificate or the unique Graduation Photo.

Family Photo Fundraiser

You have an upcoming school event or festival? This fundraiser is a perfect add-on. Let’s make your school community easy money. 3P comes to your school and photographs family portrait sessions.

Day Care Photos

Let’s create lasting memories of this special time. 3P comes to your Daycare Centre and photographs your little ones at your convenience.


3P Photography caters to all your school’s photo needs.

Discover why 3P Photography is the first choice for School Photos in Perth.



Had my 3 year olds photo taken as part of school photos and was very very surprised on the results. For someone who doesnt sit still the photographer has snapped the ideal pose. I got to attend on the day as it wasnt a day my 3 year old usually attends and it was so smoothly organised the kids were all treated well. The photos were very clear, great quality and easy to order. As a comparison our day care also had a photo day from a different company and the results from that is a blury image, strange double chin pose and was disapointing for the same price. I would highly recommend 3P Photography.

Chloe Van Der Heyden

I am so delighted with the recent photos of my grandchildren. Thank you 3P for your professionalism. The quality of the photos far exceeds any of those I have seen from the children’s past school and all the children in the class photo look so happy. Their eyes tell the story. Love these photos and very proud to display them!

Elizabeth Wells

We absolute love the kids this year school photo which been taken by 3P Photography. Hope school will keep use 3P in the future.

Michelle Wang

Thanks 3P, another outstanding assignment completed. I always use 3P not only because they are professional and timely with friendly staff but I never have to explain myself twice. I’m busy and they just get that! Thanks for great service again….

Anna Gingell

John XXIII College


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