If you recently ordered a Platinum or Family Pack on your School Photo Order Form, you can download your Digital Copy here.
Also below are Links to recent Events, covered by the 3P Team.

Please follow the steps below, and if you require any assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact the Office on (08) 9250 6244.


  1. We suggest working off a Desktop Computer or Laptop as some ‘Smart Devices’ are not compatible.
  2. Below, you will find your School listed for the Term. Click on the appropriate Link.
  3. Add your personalised Keyword, as found on the cover of your Folder that included your hard copies. Your information is also printed on the back of your Photo. 
    “Surname and ID Number” i.e.  “Atlan 1234” (Please be aware of space in-between)
    or “Surname and ID Code” i.e. “Atlan ATLANEM” (Please be aware of Case sensitive)
  4. Click Image and Click Download.