3P Photography, with its Award Winning Team, has pioneered fresh and innovative methods.
Styles, usually reserved for high-end advertising shoots, are finally being applied to the WA’s Schools and Sporting Club – with remarkable results.


Jeremy Atlan is 3P Photography’s Senior Photographer and Co-Founder. Referred to by his peers in the industry as the ‘MacGyver of Photography’, Jeremy has a reputation around the studio for his ability to solve all manner of technical drama with nothing more than some foil, a roll of gaffer tape and a piece of cellophane. Born in Paris, he studied Electronics in France before moving to the United States at the age of nineteen, and relocated to Australia at twenty-four. With a dream to one day own his own photography company, he set out to build a career with a range of photography experience that includes an International Photo Lab apprenticeship, photographer work at Walt Disney World, Old Time Portraits, Sharp Shooter Spectrum, Kodak and Convention Photography in Florida, going on to develop 3P in 2009. He is AAPP’s Commercial Photographer of the Year in 2012/2013, and holds the title of AAPP president in 2014. Jeremy was also named photographer of the month, and Most Creative Shooter at Sharp Shooter Spectrum, and has photographed celebrities from the King and Queen of Norway to rock band INXS. If he wasn’t a photographer, Jeremy says he might have been a Racecar Driver or a Rock Star, but for now, with two little girls of his own, he is dedicated to making kids smile with their eyes and bringing out the best quality in every person he shoots.

Fiona Atlan is the smile behind 3P Photography and the force that drives the success of its Award Winning Photography Team. Born and raised in Australia, she spent eight years in the Beauty Therapy industry, running a salon and a Massage Tutoring business from the age of 22, but truly gained her business acumen working in Business Development for a high profile Perth based Real Estate company. Along with her husband Jeremy, Fe started 3P Photography in the spare bedroom of their home while she was pregnant with their first child. As the business – and the family – grew, they spread into the largest bedroom, then the dining room and kitchen before finally setting up offices in the heart of Midland. Known for being able to instantly go from big picture planning to seeing to the tiniest details in a matter of seconds, Fe is known around the studio as the eye of the hurricane, always able to stay smiling through even the most challenging situations. She has a passion for dreaming up new and exciting designs, and if you ask her the secret to running a successful business with her husband, she’ll tell you quite candidly that the only camera she is allowed to use is on her iPhone!!

Nicki Lieke is 3P Photography’s Office Manager, affectionately known as ‘Little Miss Schedule, she joined the 3P Team in 2015. After earning a degree in Graphic Design, Nicki spent a great deal of time traveling, spending time in the United States, France, England, Italy and Spain before settling in Australia in 2011. Her Graphic Design background is a great asset to the 3P Team, as she has thousands of ideas and has a natural talent for coming up with creative solutions to any design related issue. Nicki is always on a mission to make the office run smoothly, and to that end she will turn herself into a living Google in order to get things done. When she isn’t busy coordinating schedules and making clients happy, she is generous with her smile and her cheeky laugh. If there were one thing she could change, it would be to have more hours in a day, and for everybody in the world to treat each other with respect. She has a not-so-secret fascination with Bonsai trees, and if she wasn’t working at 3P Photography, Nicki says she might have been a dentist… Because that would be the second closest she could get to a great smile after the photography industry!


David Chapman is a photographic editor, digital artist and graphic designer with a specialty in portraiture and caricature. Born in Adelaide, Australia, he joined the 3P team in June of 2016 as School Photo Editor. Known for his artistic flair and attention to detail, he loves the great staff and the free lollipops at 3P… Last minute revisions he could live without, but like his teammates, is always striving for the best. He has been a professional designer since 2003, and prior to that worked in the culinary arts. When he isn’t working on his own artwork or editing photos for the Award-Winning 3P Photography, loves to work out, play ‘Magic: The Gathering’, watch chess matches and spend quality time with his girlfriend… and flossing!











Tamara Whittle, also known as Tam, has been on the 3P Photography since 2016 as a School and Sport Photographer. While relatively new to the company, she has been photographing children professionally since 2009, and is a wonderful portrait photographer. Born in England, she spent her childhood in Australia and traveled extensively before returning to Australia in 2001. Her diverse background in the finance industry, building servers for an IT company and teaching swimming for the Department of Education. She has also been a Lab Monkey for a Professional Photo Lab in Perth before joining the 3P Team. Although photography is her true passion, through her love for people, dance and children, and making them smile. The best part about photographing school children, release her inner child, and say silly things. “Lollies” is always a crowd pleaser! On the rare occasions that she isn’t shooting, you might find Tam indulging her other passions: dancing, scuba diving or watching television in her spare time.

Gabriel Massoni is a Senior Photographer and ‘Chief Problem Solver’ at 3P Photography. Born in Argentina, he moved to Australia in 2010 and was snapped up by 3P in early 2011. Gabriel has been a professional Photographer since 2004, and has won numerous awards, honors and accolades for his work. Known for his unexpected sense of humor, he is also a bit of a perfectionist who has a penchant for fixing things, due in part to his background as a helicopter mechanic for the Aero Navy. The best part about working with 3P – playing with and testing out new gear! To this end, he admits that if he weren’t a Photographer he would probably be thinking about becoming a Photographer, as there is really not much he doesn’t like about it. In fact, outside of taking photos of people who don’t enjoy being photographed, there is absolutely nothing on earth he would rather do. When he isn’t shooting, you might find Gabriel in the great outdoors, riding his bike or out kayaking on the ocean.

Michael France has been 3P Photography’s Ball Photographer since 2010. Born in the Czech Republic, he has lived in Australia since he was a child, and started taking pictures in Year 11 at High School. Yes, at the time, he was only trying to impress a girl, but it did effectively seal his fate. Michael went on to study Photography at UWA, where he published a book of his own work in 2013, and in 2015, was awarded a Gold Medal in Portraiture at the UWA Photography Awards. Like many photographers, Michael doesn’t actually enjoy having his own picture taken, preferring instead to inspire from behind the lens. He has five middle names, and a second career as a public speaking coach. Though being a Ball Photographer is often back (and neck) breaking work, he finds great reward in seeing his photos printed, hung on a wall, or being shared around by his clients for their social media accounts. When he isn’t taking pictures or buoying the confidence of others through encouragement and creative inspiration, he likes to read, and is especially fond of anything by Dan Abnett.

Taryn Giles has been a professional photographer since 2006, coming on board with 3P Photography in 2016 as a School and Sport Photographer. Always passionate about design and photography, she started her career working in a photo lab, going on to earn an Advanced Diploma of Photography from TAFE Western Australia. For Taryn, it’s all about capturing moments, great design and celebrating beauty. Born and raised in Perth, she has been passionate about photography since she can remember. If she hadn’t become a photographer, she would likely have been a graphic designer, an interior designer or a teacher, something in which she could share her natural flair for colour, composition and balance. She has a knack for getting kids to smile by saying silly words, and in truth, the only thing she doesn’t love about being a photographer is having to carry all that heavy gear. She knows all the words to The Real Slim Shady, and when she isn’t taking photographs for fun and profit, Taryn spends her spare time going for bike rides to the beach, and indulging her Instagram obsession.